1. Unknown Syrto (3:10) traditional
    Greek Syrto dance. (bouzouki)
  2. Syrtaki Kofto (3:09) traditional
    Greek Syrtaki Dance. (bouzouki)
  3. Chanconetta Tedsca (4:06) traditional
    13th century Italian dance.
  4. Elzic's Farewell (2:25) traditional
    Traditional Old-time fiddle tune about a hanged fiddler. (violin)
  5. Agrapha (4:25) traditional
    Greek tsamiko dance about a man's tragic return home from war with the Turk. (violin)
  6. Blair Atholl/Sleepy Maggie (3:20) traditional
    Scottish reels. (violin)
  7. Rites of Man (3:00) traditional
    Irish air. (whistle)
  8. Serbian Butcher Dance/Hava Nagila (4:19) traditional
    Greek hassaposerviko dance tune medleyed with traditional Israeli dance. (bouzouki)
  9. Star of Munster (7:41) traditional
    Irish melody played as an air, then as a reel. (violin)
  10. Belly Dance (3:05) traditional
    Greek belly dance tune. (bouzouki)
  11. The Jigs (3:34) E Muzeki
    Set of Irish dance tunes. (violin)
  12. Zemir Atik/Va David (4:26) traditional
    Slow and fast Israeli dance. (violin)
  13. Misirlou (4:24) traditional
    Passionate love song written by a Greek in Egypt. (bouzouki)
  14. Serba in Gradina (3:56) traditional
    Romanian dance. (violin)
  15. C'est la fin/Como Poden (7:01) traditional
    Medieval European dances. (whistle)

Total play time 63:21

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