1. Minchote (3:00) Varelas, O'Connor
    Israeli influenced festive dance tune (bouzouki, violin)
  2. Dorelia (3:49) Varelas, O'Connor
    Slow romantic melody named after the wife of the turn-of-the-century painter, Augustus John (accoridan, bouzouki, violin)
  3. Patsheeva (2:49) Varelas, O'Connor
    Fiery tune with an Eastern European flavor (guitar, violin)
  4. The Sedona Medley (4:20) Varelas, O'Connor
    Combines blue-grass and gypsy styles (guitar)
  5. Roxanna of Illyria (3:21) Varelas, O'Connor
    Depicts an exotic and mysterious Middle Eastern dancer (Violin)
  6. Padre (2:34) Varelas, O'Connor
    Cross between Greek and Surf music styles (bouzouki)
  7. La Vernia Carpenter/Saginaw Piper (4:35) Varelas, O'Connor
    Medley of two Celtic flavored fiddle tunes (violin)
  8. Salida Del Sol (2:52) Varelas, O'Connor
    Combines elements of flamenco and classical guitar (flamenco guitar)
  9. The Desert Song (3:57) Varelas, O'Connor
    Spanish melody with dusty Western-American undertones. (guitar, violin)
  10. MacSuibhne's Trill (2:45) Varelas, O'Connor
    Explores unique violin trills inspired by Gypsy tradition (violin)
  11. Kesali (3:28) Varelas, O'Connor
    Relaxed yet driving violin tune with Flamenco guitar solos. (violin, flamenco guitar)
  12. Saladin (3:08) Varelas, O'Connor
    Combining middle eastern scales with driving military snare and hand-percussion, named after the 12th century Egyptian Sultan and warrior (violin)
  13. Jeru (2:15) Varelas, O'Connor
    Dance named after the city of Jerusalem (bouzouki)
  14. Aroania (2:31) Varelas, O'Connor
    Peaceful song named after a Greek mountain (guitar, violin)
  15. Katsa (2:12) Varelas, O'Connor
    A proud warrior's dance (violin)
  16. Another Time and Place (3:40) Varelas, O'Connor
    Very old sounding tune written in a monophonic medieval style (violin)
  17. Farangi Medley (7:26) Varelas, O'Connor
    Combines Eastern European influenced melodies with Indian instrumentation (sitar, tabla)
  18. Vern's Lament (3:20) Varelas, O'Connor
    Melody styled after the sorrowful Civil War era laments (violin)
  19. Pralaya (3:14) Varelas, O'Connor
    The Hindu concept of fading away to a state of rest and inactivity at the end of a cycle which leads to a new creation (violin)

Total play time 65:36

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